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Welcome to the party! Today you will participate in an about the birthday paradox. We will use you, the reader, as part of our data, to help explain what it is, why it is cool, and how it works.

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Hello! . On what day of the year were you born? Please tell me your real birthday, this is for science 🔬not evil 💀, I promise.

Cool, thanks! My birthday is . We don’t share the same birthday 😢 We share the same birthday! Scorpio fam 🦂 . But how many people do you think we need in a room to have a 50% chance that two people have the same birthday? But let’s pretend I was lying, and I’m really born on, say... August 15th. How many people do you think we need in a room to have a 50% chance that two people have the same birthday?

This seems like a good guess and sounds intuitive💡because there are 365.2422 days in the year, which is a lot. But would really give us a chance of a shared birthday. I would take that bet! 💸

Hold your horses 🐴! You know there are 365.2422 days in a year, right? The chances of a shared birthday with just is actually about . I wouldn’t take that bet! 💸

Oh so close 🥈! But would really give us a chance of a shared birthday. Tough to say if I would take that bet... 💸

Holy 💩you nailed it! Or maybe you’ve heard about this, huh? Or you are just a big Michael Jordan 🏀 fan like myself… Anyways, it can still be hard to believe it actually happens, right?

The chance that two people in the same room have the same birthday — that is the 🎉. And according to Huge Surprise Cheap Online Florsheim Rockit Plain OxMens Black Distressed Milled Leather Shop Sale Online Online Sale Cheap Brand New Unisex AI0jVo
, there is a chance when there are just in a room. It may seem surprising, but the logic is much more simple than it appears. But first, let me convince you it happens.

Of course I can make you believe it. But we won’t look at formulas 🤓 or LArtiste by Spring Step SugarcaneWomens Red Multi Leather Outlet Pictures q2fB3IOiu
🤖, let’s invite the last like you who just visited this site to our party. 🎈= shared birthday

💥 Boom! I told you it could happen. 🥚Aww we laid a goose egg. But that is just one instance, and it would be wrong of me to stop there. Because each time we get 23 people together, it’s basically a coin flip that we get a shared birthday. The more we repeat this, the more balanced our results will be. That is the Lucky Brand Lakmeh OpenToe BootieWomens Brindle Leather Buy Cheap Find Great Latest Collections Sale Online Cheap For Nice Discount Websites u7RkXexBZ
in action.

Okay, let’s bring in groups of 23 people and see what happens. I have a feeling we will witness the magic of the paradox a few times 🤞. Hmm let’s speed this up. A little more... A lot more...

As you can see, we are converging towards the . But wait, there’s more! Let’s boost this sample size to include everyone who has ever visited this site. We will put it on hyperspeed ⚡️so we aren’t here all day.

The odds can seem surprising because as self-involved humans 😍, we usually frame the situation by comparing just ourselves to 365 possible days. Our brains are more inclined to think about things linearly, but as we add more people to a room, the number of comparisons actually goes up quadratically 📈.

The odds can seem surprising because as self-involved humans 😍, we usually frame the situation by comparing just ourselves to 365 possible days. Our brains are more inclined to think about things linearly, but as we add more people to a room, the number of comparisons actually goes up quadratically 📈.

Aww you didn’t have to say that 😉. Hopefully this helped demystify The Birthday Paradox . Now get out there and shout random probabilities at a room full of strangers!

Colorado Demographics by Cubit

Now you can skip hours of internet research and jump straight to getting answers with our meaningful at-a-glance Demographics Spreadsheet Report . With the most current most popular demographic data, it's the perfect starting point for your research about Antonito and the rest of Colorado.

We know Antonito Demographics, just keep scrolling...

up-to-date no time

Antonito Population

All Antonito population data above are from the US Census Bureau.

The population data for Antonito are from the Census' American Community Survey 2016 5-year estimates and the Census' 2016 Population Estimates. The demographic data for Aspen Park, Campo, Howard, and Ovid are the most current, comparable demographics available from the US Census Bureau, are from the American Community Survey 2016 5-year estimates, and were downloaded on December 2017. Check out our FAQ section for more details.


With 789 people, Antonito is the 237th most populated city in the state of Colorado out of 452 cities. But watch out, Antonito, because Hunter Original Kids Chelsea BootChildrens Black Discount New Styles Discount Very Cheap Discount Store UwZG5L
with 776 people and Howard with 772 people are right behind you.

Race Ethnicity

The largest Antonito racial/ethnic groups are Hispanic (91.6%) followed by White (8.2%) and Black (0.1%).

Median Income

In 2016, the median household income of Antonito residents was $23,472. Antonito households made slightly more than Funtasma Spartan 105Mens Brown PU Outlet Low Shipping Explore LXLS1C
households ($22,500) and households ($23,056) . However, 37.0% of Antonito residents live in poverty.

Median Age

The median age for Antonito residents is 41.4 years young.


Source: Nielsen Norman Group

We are CUBIT We have 25+ years of experience and proprietary data-wrangling technology to research, download, format, analyze, visualize cite the data you need.

Customer Quotes:

"Your starter report certainly saved me a considerable amount of time . I am just too busy to garner this needed data any other way. It truly would have taken hours of an employee's time or my own to get this much information. I was fortunate to find a company that had all the demographics that I needed and at a very reasonable price ." — Steven Silva

saved me a considerable amount of time taken hours very reasonable price

"My supervisor had assigned me the task of getting population data for the county for our required county education strategic plan. I had some information from Kids Count but need race, gender, age, etc. and the government census site was shutdown. I was so surprised to get a report within seconds and it had lots of charts and graphs that my supervisor liked. " —Jean Hinzman.

C onsumers for A uto R eliability and S afety
Stopping rental car companies from renting or selling unsafe, recalled vehicles
Stopping auto dealers from selling, renting or loaning unsafe, recalled used cars to consumers
Exposing auto scams that cost consumers billions and stick car buyers with unsafe, unreliable vehicles
Curbing scams that target low-income used car buyers
Improving protections for Military Servicemembers, and exposing unscrupulous dealers and lenders who harm our Troops and their families
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For Immediate Release: Monday June 18, 2018
April 23, 2018
Jury Awards over $500,000 to Owner of 2014 Ford Focus, Finds Ford Defrauded Consumer over Faulty Transmission
# # #
March 21, 2018
NEWS: For immediate release: February 26, 2018 Contact: Rosemary Shahan, Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety, 530-759-9440 Robert Starr, attorney for consumer Tammy Gutierrez, 818-225-9040 Michael Landis, U.S.PIRG, 303-573-5995 ext. 389 Bernard Brown, auto fraud expert attorney, 816-283-3100 Steven Taterka, Former Deputy Attorney General of Indiana, 615-952-3661 Jason Levine, Center for Auto Safety, 202-328-7700
and are therefore unfit for sale to the public as transportation, to provide additional relevant facts concerning the safety defects. CarMax advertises widely that it subjects each vehicle to a rigorous inspection and "reconditions" vehicles before they qualify to be sold as "CarMax Quality Certified" vehicles. Ms. Gutierrez purchased the dangerously defective Hyundai on May 6, 2013, from CarMax in Bakersfield, CA, which advertised that the car had passed CarMax's "rigorous 125-point inspection." CarMax's inspection checklist included brake lights. However, prior to that sale, Hyundai had already recalled that Elantra due to a faulty brake light switch. According to Hyundai, the defective switch could "intermittently malfunction. A stop lamp switch malfunction may result in intermittent operation of the push-button start feature, intermittent ability to remove the vehicle's shifter from the Park position, illumination of the "ESC" (Electronic Stability Control) indicator lamp in the instrument cluster, intermittent interference with operation of the cruise control feature, and may also cause the brake lights to not illuminate when the brake pedal is depressed. Intermittent operation of the stop lamps could increase the risk of a crash." "CarMax should stop violating state consumer protection laws and stop playing 'recalled used car roulette' with its customers' lives," said Rosemary Shahan, President of Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety. "We hope that more consumers who have been placed in danger by CarMax or other auto dealers will seek legal advice, and challenge those reckless practices in court, under state consumer protection laws," said Michael Landis, Litigation Director for the U.S. Public Interest Research Group. "Fortunately, Ms. Gutierrez was not injured or killed, but there have been many serious injuries and deaths as a result of defects in recalled cars," said Jason Levine, Executive Director of the Center for Auto Safety. "Cars are recalled either because they are defective or because they are in violation of federal regulations. These are not cosmetic problems, these recalled vehicles can be dangerous to drivers, passengers, and everyone on the road." "This Court of Appeals ruling may be taken into account by other courts, including courts in other states, although it may not set a formal legal precedent in other jurisdictions," said Steven Taterka, former Deputy Attorney General of Indiana and former Assistant Attorney General of Tennessee who specializes in representing victims of auto fraud. "There are many ways it is obviously wrong for dealers such as CarMax to sell cars with unperformed safety recalls, and I believe many ways it is against existing law; now we have an appellate decision confirming one of the ways it is against existing law," said consumer attorney Bernard Brown, who teaches auto fraud litigation to other attorneys who represent victims of auto fraud. Among the findings by the Court of Appeals: CarMax had a "duty to disclose" the facts about the safety recall, but instead of full disclosure, "CarMax made representations about the vehicle's braking and lighting systems and those representations were likely to mislead for want of communication of the facts about the recall." – page 38 (emphasis added). ________________________ 2 Itasca Penelope Winter BootWomens Brown Micro Suede Outlet Official Site noItAFOnH
3 Manchester Cheap Online Discount Reliable Ann Creek Chester ShoeWomens Blue Very Cheap Low Shipping Fee Cheap Online kZO9U
, page 38, issued February 22, 2018.
Testimony of Rosemary Shahan, President, Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety
California State Senate Committee on Transportation and Housing Informational Hearing February 20, 2018

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