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Opana, a brand name of oxymorphone , is an opiate analgesic painkiller. This drug is prescribed to control severe chronic pain that requires constant management in cases where other painkillers are insufficient. Opana is formulated as an extended-release tablet and should only be taken as directed. The drug is highly addictive. Misuse of this drug, particularly crushing and injecting the tablets, can cause serious health complications that may be life-threatening.

Injecting Opana negatively impacts health on both a short- and long-term basis. Some of the health risks associated with this practice are skin infections and injuries, endocarditis, brain damage, damage to major organs, blood disorders, increased risk of overdose, and exposure to transmittable diseases like HIV or hepatitis.

Effects of Oxymorphone Abuse

Oxymorphone is a very potent opioid analgesic. This drug works by attaching to opioid receptors within the central nervous system and blocking pain signals from reaching the brain. When used correctly, the extended-release tablets maintain a safe and appropriate dosage of the drug within the bloodstream. Crushing and injecting the drug bypasses the extended-release function of the medication, releasing the full dosage at once. This significantly intensifies the effects of the drug, particularly the feeling of euphoria, or the “high,” the individual experiences.

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lists the following common effects of Opana, which may be intensified by misuse:

Opioid addiction can have long-lasting negative impacts on the mind and body. Frequent users of opioid drugs like oxymorphone perform worse in terms of attention, memory, concentration, psychomotor functioning, and spatial reasoning, according to a recent study . Over time, people addicted to these drugs begin to display poorer reasoning abilities and less impulse control.

The physical effects of oxymorphone abuse can be serious and life-threatening. This drug suppresses the cough reflex and slows breathing; misuse of the drug can cause difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, and loss of consciousness.

Injecting Opana carries a high risk of overdose. An overdose of this drug requires immediate medical attention and can be fatal. The U.S. National Library of Medicine lists the following symptoms of overdose:


Addiction to prescription pain medications like oxymorphone is a growing problem that now leads to more deaths per year than the use of heroin and cocaine combined, according to an article published by Reuters . Prescription pain medication addiction has become especially prominent in rural areas of the US.

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Midland Railway of England poster by Edward Penfield, circa 1890-1920. Source: Boston Public Library

It is a strange fact that ladies almost always prefer a trunk of some sort or other to a portmanteau …but the adherents of leather valises have this argument on their side: that in the course of a tour one never knows into what sort of inconvenient vehicles one’s luggage will be expected to go; and any kind of leather bag adapts itself to unlikely holes and corners, which would not accommodate the straight sides and square corners of a trunk.…

There is a good deal to be said, however, for trunks, when visiting friends or going to only one or two places. They require much less careful packing to avoid crushing; and it is always evident which is at the top and which is the bottom, so that one never has the annoyance which can sometimes happen with a portmanteau, of finding, after carefully packing all one’s heavy goods at the bottom, that we have had it wrong side up all the time; but this advantage is rather nullified by the perversity of railway porters, who, unless the trunk is very heavy, lift it about by one handle, and finally leave it standing on end, so that all one’s care to put the heavy things at the bottom is of very little use. (4)

[Those] who anticipate packing a trunk for a vacation trip may gain some suggestion from the following description of how one woman does it.

First she makes a list of what she wants to put in a certain trunk. She travels a great deal, and she always takes two small trunks in preference to one large one. She is system itself in everything she undertakes, and so she has reduced the art of packing to a science. She has an awning cloth bag, into which she slips her music. These bags she puts in the bottom of her trunk, with articles of underwear. She saves her old sheets, and tears them in two, using them to pin her nicest dresses in. After the trunk is packed, the list of articles is pasted in the trunk lid, and she keeps a duplicate list in her satchel. In this way she knows exactly the contents of each trunk. This arrangement serves the purpose of jogging her memory when she is packing, and in case she should lose her trunks she knows what is in them. A troublesome experience with a transfer company caused her to adopt this precaution. (5)

Having arranged at the bottom of the trunk all the music and books, except time tables, guide books, and others which are in constant use, take care that the interstices between them are well filled up with small soft articles, such as stockings; not only does this economize space, it saves the books from injury.…

Next to books should come linen, which is heavy, and will not injure by crushing; but, of course, if you are packing for a tour…articles required every day, whether heavy or light, must be put at the top.…

Collars and cuffs must be packed at the bottom with the linen.… They should be laid side by side, lengthwise, between two articles of linen, say two nightdresses, and then, nightdresses and all, rolled up; the collars will come out perfectly clean and uncrushed, and the nightdresses will be none the worse for being rolled instead of packed flat.

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